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the Voice within the Wind is a comprehensive and thought-provoking exploration of some of the metaphysical notions that are the foundation of modern druidic thought and practice. It is a serious and informed contribution to an oft-neglected area of the modern Druid Way in which past practice is all too often rekindled without an attendant understanding of past psychology or philosophical perceptions. In this, it is a manifesto for a Druid Way that is both true to its Celtic roots and responsive to the modern world.

Greywind is a Hedge Druid. His first steps on the Way were taken more than thirty years ago in the shadow of the Harvest Hill in Lewes. Although his roots are deeply embedded in the south of England and the West Country, his branches currently flourish and flower in Scotland.


...I found the book very thought provoking. [It] leads the reader on a path of exploration of Celtia and the self. This book gives a different slant on Druidry, one which is not in any of the books ... currently in print. (J. White - Touchstone)

...a deeply practical exploration of the Druid Way and how it may illumine your life. (Cygnus Review) amazingly powerful book. I've searched for written material for the essence of the Druid Way and only [this] has produced it! (Val Young)

...a thought provoking look into the world of a Druid. Starting with some absolutely beautiful nature poetry and then looking at the journey and life of a Druid ... it gives you a deep insight into the Path. (Avalonia website) extensive review of philosophical, pyschological and theological concepts that we encounter in Druidry. This is the first book from Grey House in the Woods ... this reviewer can't wait to see other publications from this source. (Tooth & Claw)

It succeeds quite magnificently. Greywind treats Druidry as a living thing, something that changes with the changes in the world, and that should be understood as such. He takes into account the metaphysical and isn't afraid to speak his mind - regardless of whether his opinion agrees with the 'established knowledge base' or not. I love this book. I love it so much, I'm not giving it back! (Green Circular)

I have read many books on Druidry, but this is the first one that postulates a mature, forward looking vision of Druid spirituality, in a sea of reactionary and illusionary works. (Ambarii)

...because of the rarity of published philosophical speculation within Druidry ... this is a welcome book. (Greywolf - The Druids' Voice)