Second Edition


ISBN 0-9540531-4-1 ~ Paperback ~ 248 pages ~ £12.95

Also available for Kindle

This revised and expanded version was written out of the need to provide an introduction to the Druid Way based on a Celtic metaphysic. The authors bring a wide experience of druidic practice and thought to bear and present a work that will allow those new to the Way to take their first steps with confidence. However, it is also a book that will be of immense interest to those who are already Druid as it approaches the subject with a fresh vision and a passion that will inspire many to re-examine their roots.

The book is divided, appropriately, into three sections. The first part, 'How The World Came To Be', looks at ancestral Celts and Druids and examines not just the history of the Druid Way, but also the metaphysic that gives it continued life. The second part, 'The Shape Of The World', explores some of the philosophical concepts of the modern Druid Way as well as the importance of the Matter of Britain in understanding what it is to be Druid. The final part, 'Working In The World', looks at some of the practical aspects of being Druid.

This is not a complete course in becoming Druid as that cannot be presented in written form. What it offers is an introduction to those who are interested in learning what it is to be Druid, as well as offering a way forward for those whose interest becomes commitment.

The historical and archaeological content has been revised in line with latest research, all the material on deity has been gathered into a new chapter, the reference section has been updated, and the authors and publisher have taken the opportunity to correct minor errors that crept in at the printing stage of the first edition.

See also the companion volume, Arianrhod's Dance - a Druid Ritual Workbook.


Outstanding! Simply one of the most readable, useful and comprehensive books on Druidry I have read for a long time. (David Morgan-Brown - Spirit Bear)

Every neophyte should be presented with a copy. I thought it was excellent in its content and presentation, its resources, booklist, and glossary. To introduce the work with a blessing sets the scene [on] a book full of wisdom that unfolds with a clear simplicity. ‘Working in the World’ is an excellent guide to the practicalities, and I think the sample ritual is beautiful. [The authors] have done everything with a profound grace. (Eileen Buchanan)

…a very readable and useful companion to those on the Druid Way and for those setting out on the path… Well recommended. (Maddy Johnson – SpiritSong)

...a welcome addition to the druidic canon... (Geoff Boswell – The Druids’ Voice)

...this book is well written, and does what very few books seem to do these days - cover the underlying philosophies, ethics and worldview of a spiritual path. The sections weave together myth, practice and experience to produce a rich tapestry of the druid path. You need to immerse yourself to get the full benefit, [but] the experience is well worth it. (Avalonia website) excellent introduction for those who are looking into the Druid Way. (Vikki Carr)

Whether you’re thinking of becoming a Druid or just have an interest in Druidism, this is the book for you. It’s a beautifully presented book and a well-written and scholarly work. the Path through the Forest should be on the bookshelf of anyone who has even the remotest interest in the Druidic way of life. (Alan Wykes in Tradition magazine)