Illustrated by CAROL BURNS
Paperback ~ 187 pages ~ 978-0-9557606-4-8 ~ £7.99

Also available for Kindle

Kicking through the ashes of dreams, drawing warmth from memories and comfort from ghosts...
Watching the dreaming waters...
Waiting in the heat...
Savouring the scent of a rose...
Dancing in the ruins...

Charlotte Jennifer Grace Cornelius

Glimpsed here in flickers of storm light are moments from a life with no anchor in reality. Older, sometimes wiser, always sadder, she navigates a fractured world on the quest that has obsessed her since the long childhood ride out of paradise in the mountains.

Carol Burns is a Scottish artist who adores producing pen and ink illustrations, collage pieces, and painting with acrylics. She has illustrated both fiction and non-fiction. Her work has been exhibited in a number of venues across Wiltshire, where she is based, and she has also had three solo exhibitions – one in Bangkok, one at the British Library in London, and one in Second Life.

She regularly receives commissions and is very proud to have sold work to people all over the world. She is probably best known for her ‘Tree of Life’ and ‘Family Home’ pieces which are commissioned drawings that feature numerous mini illustrations representing the lives and loves of the family/person she is working with. She loves doing the memorabilia pieces because she never knows what she’s going to be asked to draw!

She also loves getting to know new people and can be found...

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