Illustrated by TIFFANY SCULL
Paperback ~ 122 pages ~ 978-0-9557606-1-7 ~ £6.99

Also available for Kindle

Ginny feels like her young life has gone up in flames. Her beloved grandmother has died; storms threaten; a brutal evil from the modern world has invaded her island home. Yet there is always new life in the ashes of the old. The strength of new-found friendship and gifts from the past equip her to stand up to the trials that approach. And the Island always looks after its own.


The Island of Portland on the Jurassic Coast, portrayed as Innistone in this book, has been home to Carenza and her family, as well as numerous greyhounds and Siamese cats, for almost half a century. It is the place to which they have always returned to after the inevitable wanderings of a naval family. Life in Australia, New Zealand and Italy has provided plenty of material for what she describes as a rag-bag of experiences which includes an Open University degree, thirty years as a studio potter, and six years running her own fine art and ceramics gallery. In the past four years she has begun a new career as a writer and storyteller, and building dollsí houses each of which provides inspiration for another novel.

Tiffany Scull is a potter and illustrator whose work can be found on her website.

You can see Carenza Hayhoe talking about the book here.